Hello and Welcome to Drops of Mystic Messages!  This blog was created to provide a means to share information from anyone who has made a connection with their high-self and have received information they wish to or feel they need to share, without judgement and or ridicule.  There is also hope that the information offered here provide glimmers of insight, gems of deep truths and above all else, a sense of who you/we really are.


Intro Blog: Perceptions

We all heard the term “perception is everything” and by rights, it’s almost true.  But is it really?  See the picture below, at initial glance, is the sun setting or rising?  How do you know? If your perception says it’s rising, how would you explain that to someone else?  How would you prove your view?  And if you were the one listening to determine if your perception should change or remain, what would it take to change it?  But if you were to take a step back and look at the picture for what it is, perhaps you’ll gain more insight and information as to how the image “speaks” to you?


So keep your eyes, mind and heart open, as perception is everything until you really look at the bigger picture. Who knows what new “views” you’ll encounter?

Such is what this blog and its upcoming authors hope to achieve; an alternate perception of what each of us are capable of obtaining – to open the mind, heart and spirit.


Hiatus Done!

DOMM is back! 

Time does fly when you are having fun or just plain “bizeh” and you finally realize how life abducted you and you now need to escape!  It is time to re-ignite the collaboration & exposing of ourselves to bring forward what so needs to be shared!

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The Event

Drops of Mystic Messages note: There is a lot of talk and references among the QHHT, channeled and other “conspiracy” or ancient alien theory communities about an upcoming change to humanity and this planet. It goes by many names, mostly used are: the solar flash, ascension and the event. No one person, group or any governing body can say, in accuracy or legitimacy, that this is real or will come about.  As always, please use your discernment.

Meditation Q&A: Oct 2, 2017

What is the event exactly? With all the different bits of information, what is the clear, truthful, and accurate information of what it is?

The changes that are coming upon you are that of a energetic nature, they are not in any means to replace or dictate how or who you should be, but instead a means to help you adapt to a new view of experience. Remember there are many interpretations of what that is, for each individual soul, it is just that, for each individual soul to experience. We can say that this new energy is about love, it is about cohesiveness and expression through group effort so that each individual can experience the whole without-so-much effort – to share in the outcomes and experiences.

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QHHT Session #02

Excerpt from August’s 2017 QHHT session

Part 2: The Purple planet

Kaleb (Caleb) dies; is taken to the stars in space.  I am taken to an area of space, it is very dark (“like the night sky”) save the stars which are above me (and all around me). I feel nothing, only that I am there and kind of enjoying it. I don’t feel I need to be anywhere. Then, I begin to move “up” feel my speed increase as I am sped through was seems as time/space travel. I feel a sense of lightness as I break through the darkness and enter into a bright blue sky with lots of white clouds, but it is not Earth. I do not know where I am; no one or any thing is around to make sense of where this is. While in the midst of trying to understand where I am, I’m instantly pulled away again – this time I am traveling in a tunnel!  But wait, this tunnel [I feel] is created because of the speed I am traveling at, not because I had entered one.

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A “boomer” in Meditation

Sept 22nd – A night time meditation

Don’t recall most of this late night mediation, save a few snippets – one was:

My past lift times (of those I recalled or obtained through regression) were not lived or experienced through in a linear means, as most normally are (life time after life time) – but they occurred all at once, simultaneously! I heard “how’s that for a boomer?” Thinking of how impossible that is, I was reminded that our souls are fractals of the whole, thus I “split” into many of “me” to experience all the lifetimes at once. This was so I would be fully prepared to come to earth to be part of the changes and support GAIA as that is what I was called here to do.

Peacock image

A short HS discussion

Message from HS (High Self) during a meditationI had asked about the prophesy of the Sun & Earth being darkened for 3 days prior to the forecasted “Event” (solar flash, galactic wave of transformation or samvartaka fire, etc.). This question came from a dream I had that early morning, where I looked up at the sky and then the sun was blacked out. Day became night and night remained. At first I wanted to be scared, then I heard someone say in the dream not to be scared, just stay in the house and you will be safe.

HS: You know about this from the stories being told on the internet – the 3 days of darkness was to instill some fear, but also was foretold from an old timeline envisioned long ago. That timeline has been dissolved and now the focus is to have people realize they are safe and protected here on Earth and in Spirit. While there is still freewill, those who came to complete an experience will continue to play those out (yes, even murder, fighting etc. …), No longer will oppression or manipulation to change freewill be allowed. That boat has sailed! People need to remain in their power, stop giving it away and above all else start visioning what you want, not fight off or focus on what you don’t want. “Be the resistance” keeps resistance in place, instead, “Be peace within” and you will see the external change to align with it. It is really truly that simple – always has been.

QHHT Session #01

Excerpt from a QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy) session on August 2017

Part 1: First physical body (human) incarnation on Earth.

Off the “cloud”.  I am on the ground there is lots of grass, palm trees, in an exotic like forest setting. I am a boy, but feel like an adult. I have a white bone or something like that in my nose, I have black shiny short hair (almost like a bowl cut too) and a stick in my hand which is taller than me. I am standing under a palm like tree, gazing at something from across a small river (it’s called Ipuwan(d)a or something like that? – not its true name, it’s a name given out of love and appreciation). I am watching a building being put up, while eating a round fruit, like an apple. I watch the building activity going on, I see big blocks that are floating up. The machinery is very quiet…they are building pyramids!  Small ones, not like the big ones well known today.  The people working are many different sizes and there are tall people who seem to be organizing the smaller people – the smaller people are “slaves, yet not slaves” (very weird).

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Regression Meditation #1

My mediation began as normal, keeping in with the birds singing and the trees in a nice breeze.  Gently, I was then taken to a “story” of a time in Egypt, totally out of place as I know Egypt and its history to be.  Here is what I recalled …

Egypt – under the Sphinx carrying in both hands, palms up, a wooden & metal lined tray with items that are covered by a velvety red and purple cloth. I am (I feel I am a young, close to adult male – I feel very wise for my age and that I have traveled “far and wide”) am told they are instruments from the “high ones” (those who came down and enslaved the people to work the earth for minerals). I am led by 2 people; one female who is a high priestess and one of her students down into the underside of the Sphinx. I look up, I couldn’t understand how the ceiling could hold all that weight. She must have heard my thoughts. She said something to the matter of  “the placement of the columns” (there were about 5 rows of them, and each were about 5 feet apart, save the path we took which was much wider) and how the Sphinx base is positioned above. She then stated I was asked to this task – to carry the instruments as a form of trust of me, and that because I asked about the chamber(s) under the Sphinx. I have been here before (in Egypt) as a visitor; back then was when I had gained the trust of the High Priestess and those in the ancient teaching & maji/magi circles. I feel I came with important information and with items that were long lost, which I found in my travels and knew to bring back to their owner

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